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Convoluted Panel
Convoluted panels typically referred to as "egg-box" foam offer high-end absorption at affordable prices, and remains one of the most popular profiles around the world and not just in South Africa.
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Available Colours :
The convoluted profile is made by feeding a sheet of acoustic foam through a rolling process which produces a pair of sheets. In other words, there is no wastage as with some profile cut panels. They are perfect for treating echo or for anyone looking to increase absorption within an area, and can be used as a ceiling or wall treatment.

They are a perfect value-for-money solution for treating larger areas, or for rooms that require maximum absorption in order to tame sound before it has a chance to be transmitted outwards such as in rehearsal rooms. Convoluted panels are perfect for the budget-conscious and yet are both acoustically-discerning and visually-pleasing.

Convoluted panels are also available as a 800x2000mm door panel, or as a 25mm spec used in generator insulation.

Size : 500mm x 500mm x 60mm
*Note colours may not be 100% accurate due to different screen calibrations
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