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Hexagon Panels (Flat or Convolute)
Our hexagon panels are designed to offer the maximum amount of absorption, particularly where large areas are concerned such as entertainment, lecture halls and auditoriums
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Available Colours :
Hexagon panels are a great aesthetic option for when maximum treatment is required, such as when high ceilings and reflective floor surfaces are a factor. They can also be spaced-apart or placed “randomly” to create the desired cancellation points and can be used as a wall or ceiling treatment.

Troublesome vertical echo occurs whenever large reflective floor surfaces are present such as with wooden, tiled or concrete flooring. A concrete and recessed ceiling would in turn also require a greater percentage of total surface area to be treated with an absorption panel.

Hexagon panels are available in a flat and/or convoluted profile where serious treatment is required.  These panels can be suspended if need be in larger concert halls & auditoriums to maximise their effect. Either way they provide an exciting, modern & elegant finish to almost any area and so have become a very popular treatment alternative over the years for professionals in the Interior design and Architecture industry.

Hexagon Panels are typically 1000mm x 860mm in size.
*Note colours may not be 100% accurate due to different screen calibrations
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