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Diffusion Tiles
Diffusion in audio is the scattering of sound waves, reducing their sense of localisation. Sound reflections coming from a flat wall come back to the listener at approximately the same time and from the same direction.
Pearl White
Gloss Black
Available Colours :
Diffusion tiles "clean" sound by scattering the sound in other directions rather than in the direct reflected path. They change these reflections to propagate in different directions while losing little sonic energy in the process, impacting the time domain. Diffusion tiles are a must for professionals in the sound industry, and it's naturally important to find a nice balance between diffusion and absorption. Please Note: Diffusion Tiles are plastic, vacuum molded product that are reflective in nature, and are not to be confused with our foam-based absorption panels.
Size : 500mm x 500mm x 70mm
*Note colours may not be 100% accurate due to different screen calibrations
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