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Drywall Insulation
Insulation sheeting is essential for people in the building industry seeking an on-site solution for noise reduction.
Available Colours :
Noise Reduction sheets offer the maximum amount of decibel reduction and are designed to prevent the transmission of noise through drywall and ceilings.

Each sheet consists of two layers of 25mm soniksfoam, separated by an inner layer of closed-cell foam. This inner layer acts as a sound barrier to ensure that noise is reflected away from wall surfaces. Sound waves hit the first absorption layer, and are redirected away from the treated surface area, while the last layer acts as an artificial air gap. This combination of layers & densities act to effectively decouple noise from sound source.

Noise Reduction sheets are also available with a self-adhesive backing.

Sheet Size: 2000mm x 1900mm
*Note colours may not be 100% accurate due to different screen calibrations
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