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Genzorba Generator Insulation
Our generator insulation foam Genzorba is a flexible open cell polyurethane foam post treated with high amounts of flame retardants, particulate filters and a polymeric bonding agent, which offers a class '0' non flammable fire performance and sound absorbing qualities. Genzorba emphasizes it's following foremost characteristics: Flameproof, Open-cell structure, Density, Thickness and surface varieties.
Available Options :
Physical Specifations:

Density : 80 ± 5 kg/m3
: 25mm - 56mm
Tensile Strength : <80 kpA
Tension Capacity :
Thermal Conductivity :
0.045 W/mk
Thermal Resistance (Short Use) :
-300C + 1300C
Thermal Resistance (Regular Use) :
-300C + 1000C
Flame Proof :
Class 0 (BS 476 part 6 & 7 - UK Building Regulatiuons)
Dripping :
0 (Vertical Bunsen Test)
Water Vapour Absorption :
9% (STMC553-92)

Sheet Size: 2000mm x 1000mm
*Note colours may not be 100% accurate due to different screen calibrations
Available in Flat Profile
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